A block patron filter is intended for purifying air from fine dry non-sticking and non-explosive dusts. The filter is applicable in the metal, textile and food industry, where dusts are produced in the manufactuting process, e.g.:
a/ welding dusts and fumes,
b/ plasma cutting,
c/ chemical and food industry
d/ construction materials industry,
e/ transferring and packing loose materials.



Program of block and modular filter production.
„Patron” Sp. z o.o. manufactures filter ventilation equipment to meet individual customer needs. Our offer includes:
• block filters (FB), equipped with a suitable fan, noise absorber, with a doubled number of patron filters, in the following sizes: 4 000 m3/h, 6 000 m3/h, 8 000 m3/h, 10 000 m3/h, up to 12 000 m3/h
• modular block filters (FBMs) without fan, generally for operation in vacuum system parts (also pressure parts), with modular construction allowing for a wide range of flow rates 8 000 m3/h÷56 000 m3/h,
• all of the above-mentioned block and modular filtering and ventilating devices can be made in an antistatic version,
• each FB-type device is equipped with a suitable fan and noise suppressor, and is suitable for immediate assembly in the room as standard equipment.
• FB FBM devices are constructed in two versions:
– with a dust drawer,
– with a chute and dust container.
Automatic purification system
The patron filters are automatically purified with the impulse of compressed air through the filter “flushing” system consisting of a compressed air tank, electrovalves and nozzles directing the compressed air impulse into the interior of the patron filter, causing the contaminants to peel off and drop to the bottom of the drawer or chute.
Compressed air is provided to the tank by the user. The air must be dry, free from solid contamination, water, and oil. Required pressure 6 bar. The unit is equipped with a noise suppressor which significantly reduces noise levels as standard.

Advantages of block filters:
• very high purification efficiency up to 99.9%;
• compact design – filter inserts and a fan in a single housing;
• energy saving by maintaning clean air in the atmosphere of the hall;
• low operating costs;
• cleaning the filters with compressed air impulse;
• wide range of application
The following types of inserts are used in the devices manufactured by Patron Sp. z o.o.:
• polyester filter refills
• water and oil resistant polyester filter refills
• antistatic polyester filter refills
• PTFE filter refills

Block filters
TYPE Filter surface m2 Capacity m3/h
FB 2000/2 20 2000
FB 3000/3 30 3000
FB 4000/4 40 4000
FB 6000/6 60 6000
FB 6000/8 80 6000
FB 8000/8 80 8000
FB 12000/12 120 12000
FBM /8 80 8000
FBM /12 120 12000
FBM /18 180 18000
FBM /36 360 36000
FBM /54 540 54000