In the case where it is not possible to use local exhausts to detect the contaminants already at their emission point, the push-pull filter ventilation systems are applicable. Such situations occur when large-scale components are subjected to welding or grinding.  Welding fumes accumulate at a height of approx. 4 to 5 m. The push-pull filter ventilation system forces the contaminated air to move in a controlled manner through the proper layout of the supply and exhaust installation. Contaminated air is subjected to filtration on filter units and then re-blown into the production hall. This solution allows to reduce the concentration of harmful factors as well as allows for savings related to the heating system of the hall due to nearly 100% of heat recovery. The suggested solution predicts the use of FB-type filter ventilation devices connected to the supply and exhaust installation. The air supply system distributes purified air via air supply grille placed directly on the air supply duct. The exhaust system removes the contaminants through the exhaust grille placed on the ventilation ducts suspended on the opposite side of the hall at the appropriate height.