Technical description:
SS-2000 grinding table with integrated dust extraction system is intended for polishing and grinding work. It has an integrated dust extractor that receives dust from work on the tabletop. The working part of the table is covered with a tabletop with the dimensions 1200×800 mm. The table has a screen with a roof, which has 3 suction gaps covered with shutters that allow to adjust the size of the gaps. An expansion chamber is attached to the table structure (behind the screen) to which an intrinsically safe transport fan with a capacity of 2000 m³/ h and a discharge pressure of 1700 Pa is attached. The air speed in the suction gaps is ~ 8m/sec. In the expansion chamber there is a mesh filter between the suction gaps and the fan inlet, intended for the precipitation of thicker contaminants. The mesh filter can be accessed from the front of the table after opening the shield with the wrench. There is a dust container at the lower part of the expansion chamber. The container is equipped with wheels for easy movement. The extracted air is transported into the purification chamber with a transport fan. Inside the chamber there are filter bags made of antistatic nonwoven fabric, which purifies the air at the EU4 filtration level. The chamber is covered with cassette filters that clean the air at the EU6 filtration degree. The cassette filters are inserted on the side of the chamber and attached with a clamping slat. In addition to the extraction efficiency, the tabletop is shielded with KAUTEX curtains on the side. Each worktable is adjusted to the individual needs of the customer. The table can be equipped with additional components according to the individual needs of the customer, such as: a lighting lamp, a tool cabinet, a compressed air preparation unit, a balancer, etc.