EN- ISO 14341-A: G4Si1
AWS A 5.18: ER70S – 6
Werkstoff Nr – 1.5130

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An electrode wire, copper-covered, with an addition of deoxidizers Mn and Si for semi-automatic welding in the shielding C1 (CO2) and mixture shielding M21 (Ar + CO2).  Increased Mn content provides higher weld strength, higher weld resistance to weld surface contamination and better impact strength. Working temperature of welded joints from (-40°C up to 350°C). IMT 3E is intended for welding non-alloy structural, boiler, shipbuilding and low-alloy C – Mn steels with increased strength for general application.

Chemical composition [%] Mechanical properties Welding positions Welding current Dimensions [ø mm] *
C = 0,075
Si = 0,95
Mn = 1,65
Cu – coating
PROTECTIVE GAS:  C1 (CO2); M21 (Ar + CO2)
Rm [MPa]: 530÷680
Re [MPa]: > 460
A5 [%]: > 20
KV [J] M21: 60 (-40˚C)
KV [J] C1: 47 (-20˚C)
pozycje-spawania = + 0,8 1,0 1,2 1,6

*Other dimensions available upon request. A list of authorization.