In designing the devices from KING and TM series, FIMER has emphasized the development of advanced, multi-process and reliable inverters that work stably for years even under the most difficult operating conditions.
KING and TM have all the features expected from high-end digital current sources as standard.
A 6” LCD screen is applied for a perfect visibility of all parameters as well as simple and intuitive menu navigation. The KING and TM series include machines in the range of 320 to 500A in a compact version or with a separate feeder, equipped with synergic welding process control. The devices are factory equipped with synergic curves for Cr-Ni type non-alloy and alloy steels, aluminium alloys as well as CuSi and CuAl type bronzes. The TM family of welders has an additional pulse and dual pulse welding mode.
FIMER has developed and patented special welding processes to assist in the execution of a backing layer (DSF) and a process for increasing the penetration depth in the material while increasing the linear welding speed (HSF).
DSF (Dual Short Fimer) – a process assisting in the execution of a backing layer, the arc is characterized by varying energy levels; the first higher one is responsible for good material penetration and liquid metal drop transfer; the second lowers the process energy and maintains stable arc ignition.