AC MIG welding device for quality low-energy AC welding

  • New possibilities of bonding materials with small cross-sections
  • The highest weld quality with very limited deformations and stresses
  • High air gap tolerance between the edges of the joined components
  • Turbo Start guarantees excellent arc ignition every time
  • Very solid feeder with 4-roll wire feeding system

WELDING EQUIPMENT DW300 is an innovative solution among welding equipment manufacturers, providing precise control of the amount of molten wire delivered to the liquid welding pool and the depth of penetration. This device is perfect for welding thin components made of aluminium alloys, high-alloy steels and carbon steel, where the application of MIG Pulse method is limited due to the amount of heat that causes burns and deformations.
An additional advantage of using AC is the reduced amount of soot and contamination around the weld. The machine is equipped with a penetration control function, which contributes to the stabilization of welding quality, even at higher intermediate wire lengths. The 4-roll feeding mechanism with built-in electronic speed stabilization system guarantees constant feed rates independent of changing ambient conditions.
The small size and weight of the current source were obtained by using a high-frequency inverter circuit (80kHz). The devices are equipped with a clear and readable control panel offering the following functions as standard:

  • 2-cycle / 4-cycle
  • Hot Start
  • crater filling
  • welding parameters memory (100 channels)
  • penetration control
  • Inductance adjustment
  • selection of welding gun type (water or gas cooling)
  • control panel lock

Technical data

Process AC MIG, MIG/MAG Puls
Power supply 3~ 400 ±15% / 50-60Hz
Input power kVA 18
Welding current range A 30 – 300
Welding voltage range V 12 – 36
Operation cycle % 80% / 300A
Overall dimensions mm 300 x 705 x 595
Weight kg 66