Welbee OTC welding device is a digital inverter welding current source based on the innovative LSI Welbee microprocessor system. Thanks to higher computational speed, this system introduces new possibilities related to shaping the welding characteristics.  Optimized curvilinear current waveforms give the user the possibility of selecting higher linear welding speeds to the given application in combination with very good weld quality. The machine is factory equipped with a rich set of programs to combine most of the materials used in the industry: carbon steel, austenitic and ferritic high-alloy steels, CuSi and CuAl bronzes, Al, AlSi, AlMg aluminium alloys, nickel alloys, and titanium. Combined with a wide range of 0.8 to 1.6mm electrode wires and Low Spatter, DC, Pulse and Wave Pulse welding modes, the device is able to handle most applications. The Low Spatter process is a unique solution that allows to obtain the highest quality joints while maintaining unprecedented arc control. The spatting is reduced to a minimum and the arc pressure is higher compared with the short arc, facilitating the execution of welds in the forced positions. OTC Welbee offers a welding parameter recording module as standard, which makes it easier to monitor the quality of the joints performed. The Constant Penetration  function providing constant and controlled depth of penetration in the welded material independently of the length of the free electrode outlet (max. 50mm) and with long intermediate cables.