Main features of an automatic welding mask:

  • photovoltaic power supply,
  • high transparency filter,
  • complete protection against harmful UV/IR radiation, heat and welding spatters,
  • high strength mask material,
  • sensitivity and brightening time adjustment.


It is a new generation product for the welder’s comprehensive eye and head protection. An automatic shading filter automatically changes its shade level after arc ignition (electric arc light transmission), and becomes bright again after welding. The automatic mask protects the operator’s eyes from the harmful effects of arc radiation and also relieves both hands comfortably. This allows for precise positioning of the arc, which undoubtedly affects the effect and the end quality of the operation carried out. The presenting welding helmet is suitable for all types of welding — MIG, TIG, MAG, PLASMA, MMA. The mask is fully automatic, providing smooth adjustment of the shading degree located in a comfortable area — on the side of the mask.

Technical data MULTI-GLAS
Filter dimensions 110x90x8
Field of view 96×42 mm
Transparency level 4 DIN
Shading adjustment range
in the “on” (dark) mode
9 – 13 DIN
UV/IR protection Above  13 DIN
Shading time 1/10 000 s
Brightening time  0.1 – 0.9 s (smooth adjustment)
Power supply Solar photovoltaic with lithium battery
Operating temperature -5°C do +55°C (23°F do 131°F)
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Weight 495 g