OK 92.58

EN ISO 1071 E C NiFe-Cl-A 1


An iron-nickel alloy electrode intended for welding ordinary cast iron grades, such as gray, forgeable and malleable cast iron. It is also useful for the regeneration and repair of the components made of these cast iron types, and for connecting them with steel. For cold application or with light preheating of cast iron. The weld deposit is stronger and more resistant to contamination than the one obtained from nickel electrodes. Welded material GJS-400-15,  GJMB-350-10. Covering: alkaline electrode.

Chemical composition [%] Mechanical properties Welding positions Welding current Dimensions [ø mm]
C = 1,50
Si = 0,70
Mn = 0,80
Ni = 51,00
Al = 1,40
Fe = 46,00
P = 0,006
S = 0,003
 Rm [MPa] 375
Hardness 180HB
pozycje-spawania ~ | = + 2,5 3,2 4,0