Protective and safe
• Intelligent electronics provides constant airflow at 150l/min, 200l/min or 250l/min rate, regardless of battery charge and filter load, while constant overpressure is maintained in the helmet to prevent contamination from entering inside.
• Maximum security level with double visual and audible alert – filter clogging, no filter or battery discharge warning.
• A short air hose attached to the helmet reduces the risk of entanglement in the surrounding structure. The power cord is equipped with a fire resistant protective sleeve.
• The face gasket adjusts easily. There are no straps that may break and no need for adjustment
• Optrel E3000 operates without unpleasant noise.
• The leather strap is very ergonomic and lightweight with lumbar adjustment. Adaptation of the hose to the helmet has been optimized compared to the previous model, and can now be carried out while working.


Optrel E3000 provides ideal protection against UV and IR radiation, spatters, metal vapours and dusts generated during welding and related processes. The battery-powered blower draws air from the environment through a fine filter and ventilates the helmet with clean fresh air. The device is equipped with visual and audible alert to inform the operator about the clogged filter or discharged battery. For proper fitting, excellent wearing comfort and perfect tightness, the face gasket is made of soft flame retardant fabric.  A comfortable fire-resistant leather strap is attached to the user’s body at lumbar height.

Technical data Optrel E3000
Protection level TH3 classification
Nominal Protection Factor (NPF):: 200
Assigned Protection Factor(APF) 40
Exhaust component Flow rate: min. 150l/min, 200l/min or
250l/min – controlled – the strongest in its class
Material polyamide (PA-GF)
Fan High quality bearing fan motor
Fuse Electronic fuse
Noise Max. 60 dB(A)
Alarm Visual and audible alert warning about battery
discharge, flow decrease, filter clogging or no filter
Battery (Standard) Lithium-ion, 2500 mAh (5000 mAh in the Longlife
version), Weight: 420 g
Battery life Usually 10 working hours
Filter 1 x Typ P3 (SL)
Hose Length: 1160 mm (up to 1300 – flexible), weight: 185 g
Weight 1560 g (blower with filter, strap and battery)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 222x213x92,6mm
Warranty 2 years (batteries not included)