Optrel E680 is close to perfection not only due to comfort and safety, but also due to additional functions applied. The DIN 4/5-9/9-13 protection level selection function gives the welder the freedom to select the welding materials and processes used. Other options allow individual adjustment of the helmet to the requirements of the welder. Enlarged field of view (+ 33%) and true colour filter provide the welder with a clean and visible image of the welded object and all machine indicators. The red LEDs of the machine are legible for the welder without the need to remove the helmet.

Technical data Optrel E680
Shade level 4/5-9 and 4/9-13
Filter / field of view dimensions 90 x 110 x 7 mm / 50 x 100 mm
Eye protection Maximum UV and IR protection at any shade level setting
Shade level setting 2 shade level ranges: 5 to 9 and 9 to 13
Control unit Outside the helmet
Sensitivity adjustment Yes
Detection angle adjustment 60° or 120°
Grinding mode Yes (shade level 4)
Bright to dark switching time 0.180 ms at room temp., 0.120 ms at 55°C
Dark to bright delay switching slowly: 0.35 – 0.6 s, fast: 0.1 – 0.35 s
Cell power supply Solar cells and batteries. No need to switch on/off
Battery life 2500 working hours
Operating temperature -10°C to +70°C
Total weight 490 g
All processes Electric arc and gas welding.
Not suitable for laser welding!
Warranty 2 years (batteries not included)
Certification CE, DIN, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS, GOST-R