The advanced digital TIG AC/DC welding device gives the user a number of practical functions facilitating the welding process. The control panel offers the possibility of selecting the shape of the AC waveform for optimal arc properties in order to carry out specific welding tasks. The possibility of setting two different welding current values and changing them without suppressing the arc results in better aluminium welding performance and higher operating comfort – the user sets the current value to be changed by pressing and releasing the button in the welding gun for < 0.3 seconds. To increase the efficiency of welding work, the machine is equipped with a special system to facilitate arc ignition as standard. The possibility of smooth adjustment of the AC frequency and balance allows for individual curve characteristics adjusted to the specific connector. The unit provides a possibility of savinf 100 different and complete sets of welding parameters as standard. Various models of TIG welding guns are available, including the possibility of changing welding parameters from the gun. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with remote control attachments allowing to change the parameters without having to to approach the machine; the attachments can be analogue or digital.

Technical data DA300P
Process TIG AC/DC
Power supply 3~ 400 ±15% / 50-60Hz
Input power 12,5 kVA
Welding current range (TIG) 10 – 300A
Welding current range (MMA) 10 – 250A
Operation cycle 40% / 300A
Overall dimensions 250 x 640 x 544 mm
Weight 44 kg