Multi-process welding machines for heavy duty applications with welding current up to 500A in 60% cycle. The highest quality inverter technology in the device provides the benefits of energy savings as well as excellent functionality and cost savings compared to technologically older arc welding power supplies. Warrior has been developed for trouble-free operation as well as stable and smooth transfer of weld deposit in the arc while providing excellent welding results. All controls, including the power switch, are located on the front panel for easy and fast access.

Technical data WARRIOR 400i WARRIOR 500i
Power supply voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 400V ±10% 400V ±10%
Max power supplied from the network 18kVA 24,6kVA
Max current supplied from the network 28A 37A
Operation cycle 60% / 400A
100% / 300A
60% / 500A
100% / 400A
Welding current range 16 – 400A 16 – 500A
Welding voltage range 15 – 34V 15 – 39V
External dimensions 712x325x470mm 712x325x470mm
Weight with welding gun and cables 58,5kg 58,5 kg
Protection level IP23 IP23