WT 20 „red”

Inert gas welding ensures the highest quality of joints, but requires absolute stability of the electronic arc. The arc stability is highly dependent on the electrodes used and can be achieved only when the quality of the electrodes used remains high.

Electrode diameter[Ø mm] Alternating current


Direct current


An electrode made of pure tungsten


Tungsten electrode with additions


An electrode with an addition of orium
1,6 30-70 60-100 70-150
2,4 70-100 100-160 150-225
3,2 100-150 140-220 200-275
4,0 150-225 200-275 250-350


Electrode type Diameter Length Current type Typical applications Welding advantages Recommendation
WT 20 „red” 1,6mm
175 mm DC – non-alloy steels
– alloy steels
– titanium alloys
– nickel alloys
– copper alloys
– may be replaced with electrodes WC 20, WL 15 GOLD
– not suitable for AC
 Possible health hazard due to improper sharpening caused by carcinogenic thorium particles