Seamless flux cored welding wires

Why seamless flux-cored wires?
The answer is simple: our welding wires manufactured by using a seamless technology ensure the lowest possible content of diffusion hydrogen, thereby protecting material against cold cracking to the highest extent. Such a wire is resistant to re-absorption of moisture from the air, providing an advantage over alternative flux-cored wires manufactured by overlapping. This prolongs the time of storing wire in a warehouse or a production hall, with a low content of hydrogen guaranteed of below H5 (5 ml/100 g).
Our flux-core wire features all benefits of this technology, above all the highest productivity of the welding process. In comparison with a solid wire of the same diameter, this is due to the same welding current applied having a greater density in the cross-section of the wire, flowing as it does practically only through the wire coat which is a thin sheath, causing larger effectiveness of melting the wire. Consequently, the speed of welding increases, while the thermal energy transferred into the material decreases, resulting in excellent mechanical properties. These factors raise productivity by reducing production costs.
Another advantage is a soft welding characteristic and lack of welding spatters. The physics of flux-core wire melting is slightly different from that of solid wires, giving a further advantage of heat being introduced more uniformly to the weld and on a larger area so that the welded material penetration is wider and more shallow, with a regular and very beneficial circular shape.
Our technology of production very accurately shapes the characteristics of weldability by having precision-formulated preparations of powder which forms the core of the wire. We can optionally apply additives in the form of arc stabilisers, additives determining slag or the amount of spatters, and elements and compounds as an admixture to the welded material. Cooperating with acknowledged science units, we are constantly creating new recipes and optimising the existing mixtures in our laboratory.
Our wire is produced using one of the most modern lines in the world, and the production scheme has a few steps:
1. Forming a U-shape from a steel tape
2. Filling the mould obtained with a mixture of powders
3. Closing the edge of the U-pipe to complete contact
4. Longitudinal laser-welding and tightly sealing of the core.
We wish to present you a full assortment of seamless wires, from materials designed for welding unalloyed steel and low-alloy steel, and ensuring high resistance in low temperatures, to heat-resisting steel resistant to creep and steel of increased strength. Our materials are used to weld offshore and shipyard constructions, heavy-duty machines, and power industry structures.