EN- ISO 21952-A: G CrMo1Si
AWS A 5.28: ER80S – G

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An electrode wire, copper-covered, with a content of Cr = 1.25% and Mo = 0.5% for semi-automatic welding in the gas shielding C1 (CO2) or mixture shielding M21 (Ar + CO2). Metallurgical properties of wires provide high-quality welds and reliable wire feed in the mechanised welding process.  Working temperature of welded joints up to (500°C). IMT CrMo1Si is intended for welding low-alloy steels resistant to creep and for welding high-pressure boilers and pipelines.

Chemical composition [%] Mechanical properties Welding positions Welding current Dimensions [ø mm] *
C = 0,08
Si = 0,70
Mn = 0,65
Cr = 1,25
Mo = 0,50
PROTECTIVE GAS: C1(CO2); M21 (Ar + CO2);
Rm [MPa]: 550
Re [MPa]: > 470
A5 [%]: > 19
KV [J] M21: 70 (-20˚C)
PWHT: 700 ˚C – 1h
pozycje-spawania = + 0,8 1,0 1,2 1,6

*Other dimensions available upon request. A list of authorization.